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  NBP Case Study #2

NBP was hired by two merging Fortune 500 companies. The combined company currently has 32,000 active employees and over 20,000 retirees.


The major challenge was the integration of two diverse management approaches and styles. One company was very experienced in an outsourced environment with the other company being totally insourced and compartmentalized within its benefit department.

Services Provided

NBP was hired to provide consulting review of Health & Welfare Outsourcing Services, Administration, Terms and Cost of Services.

NBP was also hired to obtain ancillary cost savings from current benefit plan integration to provide bottom line ROI savings to cover the cost of outsourcing Health & Welfare Administration. In addition, NBP was hired to review their prescription drug PBM program, and as a result renegotiated a reduction of over $2M from fees and added additional services.

Success Story

NBP provided Health & Welfare Outsourcing consulting advisory and negotiation services for the client and successfully reduced vendor costs.

NBP also successfully negotiated ancillary services savings of over $22M. This savings, while maintaining the same or higher level of benefits, was utilized to offset the future Health & Welfare Benefits Outsourcing Administration Cost.

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